Mark Smart

You have reached the web site of Mark Smart, engineer/musician from Champaign, Illinois. These pages contain a lot of random things I've created over a period of many years. I hope you find them useful and/or entertaining.

There are no pop-ups anywhere on my site, and it has been declared safe by Enjoy!

(Picture of Mark Smart looking REALLY studly.)

Site Table of Contents

  1. Music
    1. Current Activities
      1. I have jazz CDs for sale on
      2. Solo Jazz Looping
    2. Projects from the Past
      1. My Warren York tribute page
      2. Lou Dibello Band
      3. Musical Tesla Coils (2008-present)
      4. University of Illinois Jazz Guitar Ensemble
      5. Jazz Guitar Nights at the Iron Post
      6. Mood Indigo (1997-1999)
      7. Indian Duets (1996-1998)
      8. Iconoclast (1993-1997)
      9. U of I Jazz Bands (1985-1990)
      10. Chazz (1983-1990)
    3. Instruments
      1. Guitar
      2. Chapman Stick
      3. MIDI Wind Controller
      4. Continuum Fingerboard
    4. Random Stuff
    5. Music Gear Repair and Hacking
    6. Sound Design
  2. Non-Musical Electronics
    1. Logic Comparator
    2. Tutorial for Cadsoft Eagle PCB Design Software
  3. Programming
    1. VIC-20
  4. Art
    1. 3D Anaglyphs
    2. Cartoons
    3. Card models
    4. Sci-fi set design
    5. Salvador Dali holiday ornaments
    6. LEGO creations
  5. Games
    1. Mayday
    2. Snapshot
    3. Triplanetary
  6. Kind Comments from Visitors (Brag Page)
  7. On Creativity

I am not a tool for hanging picture frames, a kit for marking lines on athletic fields, a photographer, a pro wrestling fan who knows it's fake, a wrestler, a pen for detecting counterfeit bills, a taxidermist, a character in a Richard Paul Evans novel, a marketing agency, the captain of the Old Penarthians rugby team, a video game programmer, a Uzbek company that makes high-pressure water jets, or a tool box for art supplies.

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