Another cool board game associated with the Traveller roleplaying game. You basically run around inside spaceships shooting at each other. Here is some more info. The original rules, map and counters are on the Classic Traveller CDROM from Far Future Enterprises.


Cyberboard is a program for playing board games via email. Since no one seemed to have done it yet, I made up a Cyberboard "Gamebox" file for Snapshot containing the counters and lots of spaceship deck plans from the original game and other Traveller books.

Download it: (5 MB ZIP)

Printable Counters

Here is a collection of counters I made up for Snapshot. There are images of the originals to which I added counters for scientists and passengers.

For each character, a casualty image is included to be attached to the bottom side of the counter. When a character dies, the counter can be flipped over to represent the casualty without losing track of whose body it is (this can be a problem). I also included counters that can show the open or closed state of doors on the deck plans. Printing the image at 300 dpi will make 1/2" square counters.

Many more printable counters.

Modified Deck Plans

Snapshot came with deck plans for a Free Trader and a Scout ship. Unfortunately the scan that comes with the Classic Traveller CD-ROM is not very high quality. Marc Miller (inventor of Traveller and Snapshot) himself was nice enough to scan these and send them to me. I cleaned up the images and rearranged them so that the ships are docked, allowing for one of the scenarios suggested in the game rules. If you print it out at 300dpi, you will get a board with 1/2" squares for use with Snapshot's game counters. I've been using MS Paint to print these out on 8.5x11" card stock in sections which can then be laminated and taped together with transparent tape. This makes a large board which can be folded up to 8.5x11" size.

Printable Deck Plans Collection

This collection contains deck plans from the Traveller books "Traders and Gunboats", "The Kinunir", and "Signal GK", which I rearranged, resized and colorized so that at 300dpi they will print out with squares about 1/2" wide, perfect for playing Snapshot, Traveller, Azhanti High Lightning, or other games.

Deck Plans Collection (43 MB ZIP)