The Commodore 64

In the summer of 2018, I got into assembly programming on the 6502 IC (and it's variants like the 6510 used in the Commodore 64). I discovered Arthur Jordison's AWESOME IDE CBM PRG Studio, which makes it much easier to develop Commodore software than anything available in the 1980s. This IDE is really amazing, and it's free. I decided to make my own version of PAC-MAN for the Commodore 64.

Hear it!

Here is a ZIP file containing a .PRG file of my Pac Man that can be run from the VICE emulator. There are instructions included for how to set it up. It is like the original, but with a bigger maze, and it plays "Funky Town".

Here is a ZIP file containing the CBM PRG Studio files including the source code.

Or you can look at the source code in text format: PacMan22.txt PacManData.txt