Futuristic space combat in the far-off year 2001!

I haven't played this game yet, but it looks really cool and was a predecessor of Mayday. It uses a vector movement system similar to Mayday, but the vectors are normally written onto a plastic-coated map with a grease pencils or transparency markers, like this:

Colorized Counters

I downloaded some great counter images by Matthew Goldman, Winchell Chung, and Peter Feigl and figured it would be cool to colorize them to make past (black-on-color), present (white-on-color), and future (color-on-white) position counters like in Mayday. Maybe people will find these useful for playing Triplanetary without a grease pencil.

Winchell Chung counters

Matthew Goldman counters

Peter Feigl counters

It's also possible to make the game 3D using LEGO parts like I did with Mayday.