Indian Duets (1996-98)

In 1996 I met an amazing Indian vocalist named Yeditha Mahalakshmi when a mutual friend asked us to perform for the Indian Dinner at the Cosmopolitan Club on the University of Illinois campus. I transcribed four Telugu songs from a tape of her singing and learned to play them on my modified Jerry Jones electric sitar. We performed these songs at the dinner, and a few times at the Red Herring. Later we learned and performed a new Sanskrit song (Hari Riha Mogta) with a tabla player at India Night 1998, put on by the Indian Student Association.Lakshmi moved back to India in the fall of 1998, but the night before she left we managed to make a decent recording of the songs at the Red Herring. Below I have included the recordings in their entirety. Enjoy!

Lakshmi provided an English introduction to each song explaining its meaning.

Tarali Rarama Introduction (198K mp3) Tarali Rarama (903K mp3)
Saguma Introduction (168K mp3) Saguma (1117K mp3)
Ochandamama Introduction (185K mp3) Ochandamama (1125K mp3)
Pranamule Introduction (138K mp3) Pranamule (1176K mp3)
Hari Riha Mogta Introduction (71K mp3) Hari Riha Mogta (1221K mp3)