Mark Smart

You have reached the web site of Mark Smart, engineer/musician from Champaign, Illinois. These pages contain a lot of random things I've created over a period of many years. I hope you find them useful and/or entertaining.

There are no pop-ups anywhere on my site, and it has been declared safe by Enjoy!

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Site Table of Contents

  1. Music
    1. Current Activities
      1. The Virtual Jazz Orchestra
      2. Jazz Guitar Looping Playlist

    2. Projects from the Past
      1. Jaded Shades
      2. Immersion Festival (2019)
      3. Harmonic Tone Generator Exhibit (2015)
      4. ESP (2012-2015)
      5. Lou Dibello Band (2011)
      6. Musical Tesla Coils (2008-2013)
      7. University of Illinois Jazz Guitar Ensemble
      8. Jazz Guitar Nights at the Iron Post
      9. Mood Indigo (1997-1999)
      10. Indian Duets (1996-1998)
      11. Iconoclast (1993-1997)
      12. U of I Jazz Bands (1985-1990)
      13. Chazz (1983-1990)
    3. Instruments
      1. Guitar
      2. Chapman Stick
      3. MIDI Wind Controller
      4. Continuum Fingerboard
    4. Random Stuff
    5. Music Gear Repair and Hacking
    6. Sound Design
  2. Non-Musical Electronics
    1. Logic Comparator
  3. Programming
    1. VIC-20
    2. Commodore 64
  4. Art
    1. 3D Anaglyphs
    2. Cartoons
    3. Card models
    4. Sci-fi set design
    5. Salvador Dali holiday ornaments
    6. LEGO creations
  5. Games
    1. Mayday
    2. Snapshot
    3. Triplanetary
  6. Kind Comments from Visitors (Brag Page)
  7. On Creativity

I am not a tool for hanging picture frames, a kit for marking lines on athletic fields, a photographer, a pro wrestling fan who knows it's fake, a pen for detecting counterfeit bills, a taxidermist, a character in a Richard Paul Evans novel, a marketing agency, or a video game programmer.