Salvador Dali Holiday Ornaments

Here are some twisted holiday ornaments I made and gave away as gifts in 2008. I used Google Sketchup and the Waybe plugin, which allows you to unfold your Sketchup creations into a pattern which can then be printed on card stock, cut out, folded, and glued to produce the object in card model form. Way cool! Arbitrarily weird shapes can be created and unfolded easily.

Make Your Own!

This ZIP file contains the Dali-like images, created by me with Paint Shop Pro and Cartoonist: (1008K ZIP)

This ZIP file has the Google Sketchup 7 models: (2917K ZIP)

This ZIP file contains images of the unfolded patterns, which can be printed on card stock to create the ornaments without Sketchup or Waybe: (2917K ZIP)

This ZIP file contains all of the above: (13MB ZIP)

Have a Holly Dali Christmas!