Music Gear Repair and Hacking

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Some pages about various music-related Fronkensteen projects I've worked on:

  1. James Beauchamp Harmonic Tone Generator Exhibit
  2. ARP Axxe
  3. ARP Omni
  4. ARP Quadra
  5. Electric Sitar
  6. Fender Lace VI
  7. Guitar Feedback Generator
  8. Jazz Looping Pedalboard
    1. Copeland Hex Pickup
    2. Fenderizer Amp Simulator Pedal
    3. Split Guitar Pickup Experiments
  9. The Poog (Pogo Studio Moog Modular Synth)
  10. Roland GR-300 Guitar Synth
  11. Roland GR-50 Guitar Synth - "Sostenuto-S" Modification
  12. Ibanez Tube Screamer Modifications - Blindfold Test
  13. Nord Modular Synth
    1. Internal Preamp for Chapman Stick
    2. 9V Output for Powering Guitar Pedals
  14. Custom Chapman Stick Pickup
  15. Tesla Coil Control System
  16. The Virginia Theater's Wurlitzer Organ
  17. Hammond Commodore Organ - MIDI Out Interface
  18. Studio Wiring - In 1993-4 I worked at the U of I Computer Music Project and rewired their entire studio using a loopless grounding scheme derived from the book Audio Systems Design and Installation. I think they are still using my wiring.