The Commodore VIC-20

My first computer, which I bought in 1983 for $99, had a whopping 3K of RAM! Before long I began programming in BASIC using Programmable Characters as described in the VIC-20 Programmer's Reference Guide. I came up with some sick South-Park-like video games...

Cool! Heh-heh!

Recently (October 2002) I used Andreas Matthies' wonderful tape64 utility to turn WAV files of the old VIC-20 cassette tapes into .tap files that can be read by the VICE Emulator program. Now anyone can play my gross games on their PC! Each ZIP comes with the .tap file and a text file with instructions.

For more of a challenge, try playing the games with the VICE emulator set for Maximum Speed = 200%.

Driver's Revenge (1984)

Run down the completely helpless, immobile pedestrians for points! Avoid the rocks, oil slicks and potholes.

Download Driver's Revenge (44K ZIP)


Click here to download the VICE emulator.

Puke (1984)

Catch the spew from the four ailing patients and drop it in the bed pans!

Download Puke (47K ZIP)


Click here to download the VICE emulator.