The Poog (Pogo Studio Moog Modular Synth)

(The above photo has been incorporated into the very end of this excellent tribute to Prog-rock keyboards on YouTube. Check it out!)

In December 2002 I finished totally overhauling this mighty 1968 Moog synthesizer for Mark Rubel at Pogo Studio in Champaign. Total time spent: 93 hours! Here is how it sounds:

Oscillators in 5ths with portamento: (187K mp3)
The famous Moog filter in action: (121K mp3) : This recording gives me Land of the Lost flashbacks!

I love the illuminated toggle switches...they change color when you flip 'em. There is a separate transformer that does nothing but provide ~7VAC for the switch bulbs. I spent a lot of time taking "sealed" Allen-Bradley pots apart so I could clean them. I say "sealed" because they are sealed enough to prevent you from spraying contact cleaner inside, but not sealed enough to keep moisture out for 35 years! Since I had to take the pots apart anyway, I drilled a small hole in each one so that in the future disassembly will not be necessary for cleaning. The new holes can be seen near the middle contact on each pot in this photo of the back of one of the Interface modules:

You can hear the Moog being controlled by the Continuum Fingerboard on this page.

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