ARP Axxe

Here is my ARP Axxe synthesizer from 1975. Over the years I've been modifying it to make it work better with the Continuum Fingerboard's CVC interface. Together they form a very expressive instrument.

Here are descriptions of the mods I've done and plan to do in the future. I am not responsible if you mess up your synth trying to do these mods. :)

  1. Patch Points
  2. 'Fast Envelope' and 'LFO Free Run'
  3. Fast LFO Speed
  4. Voltage-Controlled LFO Speed
  5. Analog Multiplier Board
  6. Y-Controlled Growl
  7. Pressure-Sensitive Envelopes

The Axxe at NAMM

At the NAMM show in January 2007, I played the Axxe from the Continuum Fingerboard via the CVC interface. This was before I installed the CVC INSIDE the Axxe. Here are a couple of pics.

See and hear the Axxe in action in the NAMM demo video.

My page about ARP slider caps.

ARP Axxe Service Manual

Here is a 17MB ZIP file of a pdf of the Axxe service manual I downloaded off the web.

Here is a 100MB ZIP file containing scans of my copies of the Axxe service manual.