The Fender Lace VI

(A Fender Bass VI with Fender Lace Sensor Pickups)

(Click picture for sound)

Yes, Nigel's "DON'T TOUCH IT!" guitar is actually an original foam green Bass VI.

The Fender Bass VI is a six-string bass tuned an octave below the guitar. Bass players tend not to like them, but guitarists like me love 'em!

I bought this Japanese reisuue in 1996. The original Jaguar-style pickups on the thing picked up hum really badly, so I replaced them with three White/Gold Lace Sensors (the guitar type). While I was at it I thought I'd have Tony Dudzik from make me a new white pickguard with mounting holes for Lace sensors. This replaced the original tortoiseshell pickguard, which I thought was kind of ugly.

Here is the modified Bass VI being guarded by Robert the Demon-Kitty.

| I am the cute orange kitty of SATAN! +---------

Here is a closeup of the new pickguard with Lace Sensors.

Here's what it sounds like through a SansAmp Bass Driver DI.

(302K mp3)