Y-Controlled Growl

The front-back position controls the depth of LFO modulation of oscillator pitch

This is like what I do in Reaktor...when you play farther away from you on the Continuum surface, the frequency of the oscillator gets modulated with a sine or triangle wave at 80 Hz or so, producing a growling-saxophone-like effect. (Listen to the In a Sentimental Mood example to hear how this sounds with Reaktor and the All Blues example to hear how it sounds with a Moog).

With the the Fast LFO Mod implemented, this growl is now possible with the Axxe. Multiplying the incoming Continuum Y voltage (0-10V) by the LFO output using the Analog Multiplier Board allows you to control the depth of growl using the Y position of your finger on the Continuum surface.


The triangle-wave LFO signal goes directly into the pot.


The AD633 has been added in between so the depth of the signal going into the pot is controlled with the "Y" voltage from the Continuum. A switch is used to select whether or not the "Y" control is in use.