ARP Axxe: Analog Multiplier Board

I decided to try using Analog Devices AD633 analog multiplier chips to control the depth of certain modulations with control voltages from the continuum.

These chips are great. You send in two voltages (A and B), and the chip outputs a voltage equal to (A x B)/10. Since the Continuum's Y and Z control voltages can be set to range from 0-10V, they can be used to control the depth of a modulation from 0% to 100%. Very handy.

Using the Eagle PCB design progam, I designed a small circuit board containing 5 AD633s connected to allow multiplication of various signals inside the Axxe.

Currently the multiplier board is being used for the Y Growl mod and the Voltage-Controlled LFO Speed Mod. I intend to use it for the Z Envelope Mods at some point.


Board Layout


If anyone feels like making a circuit board, you can download the Eagle files for the board here and the Gerber files here.