Lots of Counters

Here is a large collection of counters for Snapshot which has counters for various characters from the Traveller universe and its related board games and some things I added: Adventurers, Aslan, K'Kree, Monsters, Passengers, Police, Robots, Scientists, Troops, and Vargr, in many different combinations of colors. Also included are deck plan symbols for doors that can be used to indicate whether a door is open or closed. To open or close the door, flip the counter over. Print these out at 300 dpi to make counters that are 1/2 inch square.

Download my counter collection: (170MB Zip file).

Each image can be used to make the front and back of a block of multiple counters. For example, here is a sheet of Adventurer counters:

This image can be used to make 14 character counters and 14 target counters. The character counters will have the character on one side and the casualty counter for the same character on the other side. So when a character is incapacitated, just flip the counter over.

The target counters are used to perform a "covering action" in Snapshot. I make them with the same target symbol on the front and back so I never have to flip them over.

To make 28 counters from the above image, print it out on regular paper, then cut it in half horizontally:



One sheet will label the top side of the counter block and the other sheet will label the bottom.

Take the front side sheet and glue it to the top of a piece of mat board with stick glue. Cut out that section of mat board, so you have a section of mat board that looks like this:

Glue the second sheet on the back so the fronts match up with the backs. Cut the individual counters apart and you have 28 counters with images on both sides! Pure magic. All the counter images in my collection can be used this way.