In 1994, the Jordan-Smart-Nazimek-Novak lineup of Iconoclast released a cassette album called...

Copies are rare and collectible!

The album contained the following tracks.

Side A

Monument Valley (music: Nazimek lyrics:Jordan)
Moving On (music & lyrics: Novak)
Desire (music & lyrics: Jordan)
To Be or Not To Be (music: Nazimek)
Dolls (music & lyrics: Jordan)

Side B

Fifth Avenue (music: Smart) (1216K mp3)
The Choice
I. Party of None
II. Sacrifice and Offering
III. Indecision
IV. Waking Ours?
(music and lyrics: Novak)
Dusk (music: Smart) (664K mp3)
Beating the Night (music: Smart lyrics: Novak)