(Photo of Devil's Lake, North Dakota by Larry Smart)

I came up with this tune in 1987 when I was listening to a lot of Michael Hedges. It uses CGCGGD (lo to hi) tuning that I learned from a guy I jammed with named Steve Peters. In 1994 it acquired the name "Dusk" and appeared as part of the two-song suite Dusk/Beating the Night on Iconoclast's album With My Bathroom Fixtures I Shall Rule the World. There are two tricks to playing it. One is a fingerpicking pattern. The other is a pattern of doing Van Halen style hammers and pulloffs on two strings at a time. In CGCGGD tuning, playing two notes two strings apart on the same fret always gives you either a fifth or an octave interval, so I went nuts with that.

Hear it: (649K mp3)

Here is a transcription printed with Lime notation software: (1224K zip)