Reaktor Big Band Synthesizer

This ensemble emulates big band horns in response to input from a MIDI wind controller, Haken Continuum Fingerboard, or keyboard. Solo instruments, sections, or a whole band playing as an ensemble can be synthesized in real time. One module automatically generates harmony voices underneath the melody you're playing using a variety of common big band arranging techniques. In the "Happy Birthday" mp3 below, the Reaktor ensemble is changing the horn harmonizations on the fly by detecting bass notes and chord types from an (inaudible) MIDI track.

Sound Examples

Two Tracks

(424K mp3)

Two tracks of Reaktor Big Band overdubbed in Cubase with added bass & drums.

Happy Birthday

(733K mp3)

In this example, an inaudible MIDI track tells the big band synth what the current chord is while I play the melodies on the WX7 wind controller.

Freddie Freeloader
Out of Nowhere

(221 K mp3)
(381 K mp3)

In these recordings I used a version with an internal chord sequencing table, an automatic walking bass generator, and Peter Erskine jazz drumloops:

Slide Trombones & Looper

(718 K mp3)

In this mp3, I used the "slide trombone" portamento effect and overdubbed multiple tracks using a looper I built inside Reaktor

Screen Shots

Some screen shots of different panel sets within the current version of the ensemble.