Roland GP-16

I bought this processor in about 1991, and used it quite a bit for the rock band Iconoclast. Here are a few patches I created. All of these samples were recorded by running the GP-16's output through a Hughes and Kettner Red Box (the older MK I version), then into the computer.

Rush - The Spirit of Radio (185K mp3)
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire (183K mp3)
Genesis - Firth of Fifth (354K mp3)

How to make distortion on the GP-16
that isn't totally obnoxious:

The distortion programs in the GP-16 are very bright and buzzy. I used this trick to make them sound better. In the patches where the "picking filter" is not being used as an auto-wah or a pedal-wah, I put it after the distortion and used it as a fixed lowpass filter to remove the buzz from the distortion. Like this:

    Dist/Overdrive              Picking Filter
  ┌────────────────┐          ┌───────────────────┐
  │ b. Overdrive   ├─────────>│ Sens = 0          │──────>
  │ Tone = 0       │          │ Cutoff Freq = 48  │
  │ Drive = 14     │          │ Q = 1.0           │
  │ Turbo = On     │          │ Up/Down = Down    │
  │ Level = 100    │          └───────────────────┘

Here is a scan of the "BRANK CHART" in the back of the GP-16 owner's manual, intended for writing down patch settings. Yes, it really says "BRANK". I couldn't berieve it.

Here is a ZIPped Sysex file with all my patches: (4K ZIP)

Here is a newer ZIPped Sysex file, similar but not identical to the above: (4K ZIP)

I recommend using the free program MIDI-OX to play and record Sysex files into and out of your GP-16.