Walking Bass + Chords: Two-Handed

This is one of the most fun things to play on the Stick. If you are accompanying other musicians and are not required to play a melody line, it is fairly easy to do walking bass and chords accompaniments using two hands: bass with the left and chords with the right. By separating the two, much greater speed and fluency can be achieved. Also, the chord hits can be displaced from the bassline to create a more convincing illusion of two musicians playing simultaneously.

One possible approach is described on the pages linked below. The left hand plays a walking bass line spanning only about 5 frets, using the different CAGED bass-side forms described here.The right hand plays only guide tones (the 3rd & 7th, or 3rd & 6th of the chord), using smooth voice leading.

Note: these pages only apply to tunings with an inverted-5ths bass side and a straight-4ths melody side, sorry!

My web pages try to figure out how to transpose the tablature for whatever Stick model, tuning, and key you have set, but not all combinations work. If the page gives you an error message saying it can't figure out a way to do it, or the TAB is high up on the neck and too difficult to play, try a different form from the list.

On A Blues Progression

On "Rhythm Changes"

You can play these on "Rhythm Changes" (the chord progression of George Gershwin's tune "I Got Rhythm", used as a basis for many jazz tunes).