Continuum Fingerboard Tuning Downloader

This page allows the user of a Continuum Fingerboard (post-2008 version with internal sounds) to download alternate tunings into the Continuum via MIDI. These tunings determine the positions and pitches toward which notes will be rounded when "Round Initial Pitch" and "Round Rate" modes are activated.

The MIDI Out port of the computer viewing the web page should be connected to the MIDI In port of the Continuum. After the user has entered the desired tuning into the text box below and hit the "Submit" button, the web page will verify that the information in the text box is usable. If it is, the page will use Windows Media Player to play a stream of MIDI "NRPN" messages into the Continuum, loading the data into the tuning table (80-87) selected with the drop-down box.

If you cannot get the file to play properly, you can hit the "Save as SMF" button and download the sequence as a standard MIDI file. Then play the file into the Contiuum using the MIDI player of your choice.

After the tuning has been downloaded, it can be accessed on the Continuum by pressing "Tuning+" followed by the number of the tuning table (80-87).

Specify the tuning for all desired points in increasing order. Values must be between 0.000 and 127.000, and a maximum of 500 values is allowed.

All pitches (right column) must be between 0.000 and 127.000. Normally the right column values match the left column; if they do not, the number of cents per inch will not be constant across the playing surface.

  Location, Pitch

Download Into Tuning Table Number: 

I programmed this page using the awesome PHP MIDI Class developed by Valentin Schmidt.