Lippold Haken's brother Rudolf was commissioned to write a piece for the Champaign/Urbana Symphony Orchestra commemorating its 50th anniversary. He decided to feature the the Continuum in the piece, which ended up being called "Quinquagenarium". I performed it with the CU Symphony on February 19th, 2010 in the Foellinger Great Hall at Krannert Center.

The performance went well and was well-received. It was a novelty for most of the audience to hear Eddie Van Halen guitar sounds at the beginning of an orchestral concert.

Here is a YouTube video.

An mp3: (6.7 MB mp3).

An article about the concert on the U of I ECE web page

An article about the concert in the News Gazette

A positively GUSHING review of the concert by the News Gazette. GUSHING, I TELL YOU!

Program Notes by Rudolf Haken

Images are forthcoming