GK-2a/GR-300 Interface

One problem with the old Roland guitar synths is that you have to use a Roland synth guitar to play them. Here is a circuit which will allow you to play an old Roland guitar synth from your own guitar with a newer GK-2(a)-style pickup. In order to use this circuit you must first modify one old and one new Roland guitar synth cable as shown on the cable cut page.

What the interface does


In this version I used basic 1458 op-amps for U1, U2, and U3.

At the time I didn't know Roland's pin-numbering scheme for the 13-pin cable. So this is my numbering system, when you are looking into the end of the 13-pin cable:

  1   2   3   4

  5   6   7   8
  9   10  11  12


But I think this is the same as Roland's pin numbering system anyway.


Here's a variation of the same circuit on the wire-wrap board. Two ribbon cables from the DB-25 connectors plug into the DIP headers at the bottom.

This circuit has been incorporated into Wayne Jones' very cool RC-1324 Bus Converter.