J A Z Z   L O O P I N G

MARK SMART, guitar;  MARK SMART, octave divider bass;

MARK SMART, drum loops;  MARK SMART, echoplex

Hi Mark.
I'm always amazed when I come across people who are daring to go where no one has gone before. Thanks for the inspiration. Not only are you doing something technically advanced, but the wonderful thing is that you make excellent music while doing so.

Jack Grassel

I use modern effects and sampling/looping technology (here is a page about the setup I use) to create a very convincing "one-man band" with a sound heavily steeped in the classic jazz tradition. I think my style is sophisticated, relaxing, and appropriate for listening or quiet background in almost any venue.

Here is what it sounds like: STOLEN MOMENTS (568K mp3)

MARK SMART, cd for sale;

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MARK SMART, booking;

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