"What exactly is a progressive rock band? Here are a few ways to tell:

Is the band's name exceptionally odd or virtually unpronounceable? Y (Misspelled as "Iconoblast", "Iconcociast")
Are any of the band's songs more than ten minutes long? Y
Are the songs arranged in several movements or chapters? Y
Does the music undergo a significant time-signature change at least once a minute? Y
Does the album cover feature a sage, gnome, faerie, or nymph? N
Are any of the band's albums part of a trilogy? N (yet)
Does the keyboard player use a Mellotron? Y (well, samples)

If you answered yes or Yes to any of these questions, it's probably prog."

       --GUITAR PLAYER Magazine, April 1995

By this definition, Iconoclast was 5/7 = 71.4% prog! Actually, I might venture to add two more qualifications:

Is almost every tune the band plays "part of a longer work in progress"? Y
Does the band suffer frequent personnel changes due to artistic differences and personality conflicts? Y

In which case, we're up to 77.8%.