U of I Jazz Guitar Ensemble - Fall 2006 Concert

Matt Warnock, Director

Held at the Festival Theater at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, 12-5-2006. I played as a guest soloist on "In A Mellotone".

Personnel: Electric Guitar: George Turner, Young Kim, Ian Murphy, Brad Miller, Brandon Frank     Bass: Brandon Coventry    Drums: Moon Young Ha

The Kook

A tune by Chris Buzzelli

(3.9 MB mp3)


This tune was written by Ken Smith and featured him as a guest soloist

(5.0 MB mp3)

Infant Eyes

Beautiful arrangement by Matt Warnock of Wayne Shorter's tune

(2.6 MB mp3)

In A Mellotone

An arrangement by Matt Warnock of Duke Ellington's tune that featured me as a guest soloist

( 5.0 MB mp3)


A famous solo by Wes Mongtomery transcribed and arranged for guitar ensemble by Matt Warnock

(2.3 MB mp3)

Checking It Out

Written by Chris Buzzelli

(3.2 MB mp3)