LEGO Star Wars Models (1977)

Like a lot of other kids, I was building LEGO models from Star Wars as soon as it came out in 1977. Recently I came up with these approximations (from foggy memories) of the models I made back then using basic parts, long before the Star Wars LEGO sets were available. This was back in the days when LEGO mini-figures had no faces and always kept their hands in their pockets! :) And their legs were connected like a mermaid's.

They were a lot more primitive than the new ones, but one advantage is that they would fit into a cockpit only 2 studs wide.

X-Wing Fighter

It holds a mini-figure pilot, has a flip-up canopy, and the "S-Foils" can extend into attack position.

Here are instructions for the X-Wing, in JPEG format: (3.6 MB ZIP).

Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder

This one has two sets of wheels hidden underneath to try to create the illusion that it's floating.

Here are the instructions and LDraw file for the speeder: (1.8 MB ZIP).