LEGO Classic Space Ship (1979)

(The above images were generated with L3PAO)

I made this ship in junior high and was so proud of it, I kept it until now. It's made using pieces from the Classic Space sets that came out around that time. I LOVED these sets and had endless fun with them. I had the Space Cruiser and had seen pictures of the Galaxy Explorer, which was a larger version of the Space Cruiser with a moon buggy in the back. Of course, I said, "I can top that. I'll make one with TWO moon buggies!". So here is is. It also has retractable ramps for both moon buggies and the door to the main cabin, and a radar dish that folds up into a storage area when not in use. The crew cabin has a lot of control panels and a bed.

Photos of the Actual Model

Cabin Door With Retractable Ramp

Retractable Radar Dish


Doors Open

Dish Extended

Doors Closed Around Extended Dish

Opening Back With Moon Buggies and Ramps

Doors Closed

Doors Open

Ramps Down

One Buggy Out



I used LDraw and MLCAD to create instructions for building the ship. Here are the complete instructions in JPEG format: (5.2 MB ZIP)

Here are the different stages of construction in MLCAD format. (6 KB ZIP)