Library Part Editor

Package Generation and usage


Now click on the package icon. 

We need a so-28W package for this part, so just name it that.


Click Yes


Now letís figure out the size of the part from the data sheet.  .704 x .295


Now draw the outline of the chip


You will have to change the grid spacing to draw off the grid.  View -> Grid


Now letís get the pads on. Select the SMD  tool. Place the pads down in order of their pin number.  That is, place pad 1 first and pad 28 last, this will make things easier. Note that there is an important distinction between the shape and size of the package pins and their footprints (aka "land patterns") on the board. In particular, it is critically important to include extra metalization on the board, an extension (in length) of the land pattern on the order of 25-50% so that the assembler can apply heat to each pad and pin. Failing to include sufficient extensions may result in a board that cannot be reliably assembled.


Now add the test labels and the 1st pin indicator.

This should be it.


The next step in the process is to link the package to the symbol. Use the device tool.

  Press ok. Then yes


It should look like this now.

click on new and select the so-28w package we made.


Next lets place the symbol down. Use the add tool.    and select the 18f252 part.

After placing the part we should have something like this.


Next step is to connect the pads to the right pins on the symbol. Click on connect.



Start matching up the pads and pins. (Donít mess up here)


All you pads and pins should be gone now and moved to the connection side. Double check everything here.


After hitting OK all should be done now. There should be a little green check by the package name now.



Now letís use the part. Go back to the control panel start a new schematic.

Next go to Library-> Use and select your part you made. If you donít see it, did you forget to save?


After hitting ok, use the  tool to add a part.


Select the part. And hit ok.


Place the part



That should be it. Go ahead and build whatever part you need now.